Seems like it was only yesterday...

It all started when one man decided he was sick and tired of how dispensaries in Montana conduct themselves.  The stiff formality, the waiting in line, all of it.  This man decided to turn the industry on its head, and teamed up with his dear friend (who also happens to be a wizard in the grow room).  Together, these two created Oasis Organics!

Bringing patients an entirely new Medical Cannabis experience, we are Montana's FIRST online dispensary:  that is, we have no storefront.  You order your medicine right here from our website on the "Menu" block on our homepage.

Oasis Organics sources all its nutrients from local sources:  restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries all support us by giving us their compostable waste, meaning your medicine is grown with REAL nutrients from food waste and NO synthetic inputs!  So, thanks!  For helping us save the planet, one plant at a time.


our philosophy

When we started this company, we knew that we wanted to be different not only in how we operate but WHY we operate.  Our goal is to be a model of sustainability for others to follow.  We're keeping the circle of life intact by upcycling food waste from around town, collecting rainwater, creating colonies of beneficial bacteria for our plants, and generating all our electricity through 100% renewable methods.  We're also saving energy and resources by being based in cyberspace.

We believe that we should do everything in our power to make sure the world is a better place when we leave than how we found it.  Join us, won't you?